The administration, faculty and staff of Holy Spirit Catholic School would like to thank you for visiting our website.  We’d like to invite you to take a few minutes to browse the sight and learn more about our school.  We are committed to create a loving, nurturing and learning environment so that your children can grow spiritually and academically.


At Holy Spirit Catholic School, we take pride in maintaining high academic expectations and achievements among our students.  With this in mind, we know each child is unique, bringing special talents and interests to our community.  The faculty works diligently to create meaningful, learning experiences within a student-centered environment motivating children to actively participate in their own education.  We recognize the imperative need for students to understand how their classroom work translates to the world in which they live.


Our dedication to the spiritual development of your child is rooted in our Catholic faith.  It is important we embrace the ideals and teachings of our Divine Lord and build on each student’s catholic formation with true compassion and desire.  We embrace a fresh and innovative approach towards the vitality of our school.  We continue to share activities that demonstrate the vibrancy and life of our school.  There are Five Core Values we incorporate into our program to help us achieve this goal:


Spirit in Faith * Spirit as Family * Spirit with Warmth * Spirit through Service * Spirit for Excellence


In partnership with the parents of our students, we can continue to help nurture and grow your children’s gifts and talents.  It is important we work together!  Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide you to be the role models God created you to be.


Holy Spirit Catholic School takes our vocation very seriously.  We are dealing with young people God has entrusted into our hands.  Our children, because of the conditions of the world in which they are growing up must be better informed and more committed to Jesus than ever before.  The beauty of education is watching the ever-changing child grow into a mature young adult that will carry His light to others.  What a grace it is to be a part of “making a difference” in a young person’s life.


We pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide us! 




Jill E. Gould



Faculty of Holy Spirit Catholic School