Catechetical Sunday -- September 20

Posted on September 16, 2020 in: General News

Catechetical Sunday -- September 20

Today the Church in the United States celebrates Catechetical Sunday, an opportunity to recognize, thank and commission those who have committed themselves to hand on the treasure of our Catholic faith to others. Parents who teach the faith in their homes, along with the priests, deacons, religious and lay women and men who teach the faith in parish religious education programs all do so in the name of the Church and with a spirit of great generosity and love. Truly, we are blessed by the talent and willing service of so many dedicated members of God's people.

Those who are catechists seek to help our children, young people and adults as well encounter the living Christ in the midst of His Church, in the intimacy of prayer and worship, in the power of His Word recorded in the Sacred Scriptures and in a life of loving service to God and neighbor.

We want to express our gratitude for the many hours of time and effort which our catechists have spent aiding others to encounter the Lord Jesus and so be drawn into a vital and intimate relationship with Him. We pray that, together with our catechists, all of us will come to an ever deeper knowledge and love of Christ, who lives forever and who invites each of us to share in His life. We recognize and ask God’s blessings on all those who serve as catechists in our parish.

School PSR PreSchool
Rich Beckmann Pat DeWitt Peggy Johnson
Caitlyn Bockerstett Karen Kenning Carolyn Kreitler
Stacie Calvin Edna Accardi Carol Preis
Nan Charleston Robin Woerheide  
Vicki Cirillo Julie Fanter  
Jason Donis Jane Cochran RCIA
Lara Etling Mary Ann Weiss Mary Beth Chik
Erin Gerth Donna Eisenbath Paul Farrar
Angie Gould Mary Beth Schulte Bryan Hercules
Ann Griffin Jackie Cusumano Jerry Rumph
Regie Neff Lisa Masek John Seiler
Emma Reddy Kelly Basta Rene Seiler
Mary Beth Schulte Jackie Decker Laura Shambro
Leah Sebacher Julie Spinner Deacon Jim DeNatale
Karen Tiffin Sharon Kaufman  
Katie Koeberlein