Welcome to Electronic Giving!

To get started, click on the "To Start your on-line Giving" link below and then follow these steps...

  1. You will see a "Profile" page, that you need to complete.  During this process you will be asked to create a "username" and "password." You will receive a "Confirmation" e-mail confirming your log-in information (username & password).
  2. Once you have completed your profile and submitted it, return to this page (www.holyspiritstl.org, then click on the Electronic Giving tab) and click on the "Already Registered" link.
  3. Once you log-in, you can enter your contribution dollar amount and the frequency of your gift (i.e. weekly, monthly, 1st & 15th, etc.)..

Once your account is established, you will also be able to designate giving to many of the special collections we have throughout the year.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the Parish Office @ 314-739-0230

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