Welcome to Holy Spirit Parish!

Holy Spirit Parish strives to be a joyful, accepting, forgiving community centered on the Eucharist.

We welcome you and invite you become a fully engaged member of our Parish Family.

Here is what you can expect from the Parish… 

“Go, make disciples of all nations”
(Matthew 28:19)

The last verses of the Gospel of Matthew commission the early church to go into the world and make disciples. Holy Spirit Parish continues this commission. Parishioners can expect the parish to make, mold and mission its members and others in these five ways:

Worship—parishioners will experience the Church’s shared traditions and rich liturgical resources to provide and enrich an Eucharistic centered worship life along with personal opportunities for encounters with God in order that all might grow, learn and be transformed by the light of Christ..

Fellowship—our parish will use our many ministries to inspire a sharing of ideas and interests promoting fellowship through connection and companionship, with Christ as our center.

Stewardship—parish leadership will use its expertise and good judgment to manage and administer the parish resources so that the time, talent and treasure entrusted to the parish leadership shall best be used to build the Kingdom of God within the parish and beyond.

Service—provide opportunities for parishioners to use our community connections and resources to express our loving commitment in identifying and assisting those in need to establish an environment which advocates justice and safeguards human dignity to live our faith in relationship to all God’s creation.

Evangelization—the parish will use our lived faith experiences and hospitality to provide and sustain a welcoming environment so that more may experience the call to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ within a lively and loving community of faith.

Parishioner Commitment…

As an individual celebrating the gifts of the Holy Spirit in my daily life, I commit myself to deepen my sense of discipleship. I will take advantage of the opportunities offered by the parish to make, mold and mission myself so as to call others to the life of the universal Catholic Church, the Archdiocese of St. Louis and Holy Spirit Parish.

Worship—participate beyond weekend Mass by embracing a spirituality rooted in community and personal prayer.

Fellowship—put my toe in the water by immersing myself in one of the many parish fellowship opportunities.

Stewardship—expand how I use my time, talents and treasure for the building of God’s Kingdom.

Service—step out of my comfort zone and get my hands dirty by getting involved in a social service or issue.

Evangelization—actions speak louder than words in opening the door for others to experience a personal relationship with Jesus.

How to Become a Member...

To become a member please stop by the Parish Office Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We look forward to meeting you!

If you simply cannot drop by during business hours, here's a link to our registration form.

Please call the Parish Office for new information such as change of address, phone number or moving from the parish.