The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony (Marriage)

Welcome and Congratulations on your engagement! We are excited for you and for your families! Your commitment to love one another forever is a sign of hope for the world. Your request to be married in the community of the Church is a sign of faith. We, the people of Holy Spirit Parish, pray that God will bless your marriage, and, through you make the world a better place.

Where Do We Start?

You start by calling the parish office (314-739-0230).

When Should We Call?

Generally as soon as the two of you have decided to get married, preferably a year or more in advance, and definitely before you schedule a reception venue. The Common Marriage Policy requires couples to contact a priest a minimum of six months before the intended wedding date. Couples are encouraged to contact the parish office as soon as they become engaged, even though the intended date is a year or more away. (Note that marriage dates are only tentative until after pre-marriage assessment work is completed.)

Who Can Get Married At Holy Spirit Parish?

To be married at Holy Spirit, at least one party should be a registered member of Holy Spirit Parish and be living an active and practicing Catholic life. Non-parishioners may also be married at Holy Spirit but there is an additional non-parishioner fee.

When Can A Wedding Be Scheduled?

Weddings at Holy Spirit may be celebrated on most Fridays and Saturdays of the year. Weddings may be schedule on Friday evenings, or on Saturdays at either 11:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. Weddings may be scheduled during the season of Lent but they are not encouraged due to the penitential spirit of the season.

An Important Perspective:

Yes, there is much to plan, and a lot to prepare. But we pray that - through it all - you will keep a place in your heart for what really matters. Your wedding is a day; your marriage is forever. The time you spend now talking, praying, forgiving, and working on your relationship, sets the ground work for a holy and life giving marriage: in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, all the days of your life.

Whom Should I Contact:

Parish Office