Reverse Advent Calendar

Posted on December 09, 2020 in: General News

Reverse Advent Calendar

Reverse Advent Calendar 2020


Each day add an item to a box.
Say a prayer for those in need.
Thank God for all your blessings too.

When you have completed this, donate the box to HandS at the Resource Center
or in the HandS bins in the Gathering Space.

Thank you!

You can begin on the first day of Advent (November 29 - Dec. 22 or Dec. 1-24)

Day 1           box of cereal

Day 2           jar of peanut butter (no glass please)

Day 3           box of stuffing mix

Day 4           boxed potatoes

Day 5           macaroni and cheese       

Day 6           canned fruit

Day 7           canned tomatoes

Day 8           canned tuna or chicken

Day 9           dessert mix

Day 10          jar of applesauce (no glass please)

Day 11          canned sweet potatoes

Day 12          cranberry sauce

Day 13          canned beans

Day 14          box of crackers

Day 15          package of rice

Day 16          oatmeal

Day 17          package of pasta noodles

Day 18          spaghetti sauce (no glass please)

Day 19          chicken noodle or tomato soup

Day 20          stew or another canned meat

Day 21          can vegetables

Day 22          box of pudding or jello

Day 23          canned potatoes

Day 24          a special treat - your choice