Thoughts from Fr. Rich

Posted on May 17, 2016 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Thoughts From Fr. Rich 

This is the second in a series of articles about where I see Holy Spirit Parish


When the Blaise-Lawrence Transition Team was formed to oversee the merger of the parishes, it identified and functioned from four guarantees:


1)   change will occur and at a more rapid pace,

2)   there will be problems,

3)   we are responsible for making this happen, and

4)   God is with us. Let’s look at these four guarantees as they apply to Holy Spirit today.


Change will occur.

We live in a fast paced society with many rapid changes. I think of the phone I had 20 years ago and the one I have today. There has also been change in the church and parish life. Today’s parish is much more than an elementary school. Take some time and look at the parish directory with its five commission structure and the various ministries and organizations. The parish staff have also changed in terms of the number of priests and few religious women. Today we see lay ecclesial ministers taking places of leadership in parishes


There will be problems.

With the complexity of today’s parishes issues and problems arise. Something as simple as a scheduling place for a meeting can lead to problems especially if someone thinks we have always done this. At a more serious level conflicts can arise over the vision and direction of parish life.


We are responsible.

Today’s parish calls for much greater engagement of parishioners. Stephen Ministry, ACTS, Prayer Shawl Ministry, HandS, Garden of Feeden, to name a few, exist because parishioners are willing to share their time and talent with the larger community.


God is with us.

Lastly, but most importantly, God is with us especially in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We are reminded of this each day because we bear the name Holy Spirit. The spiritual gifts of God are constantly manifested in our midst.  God’s presence empowers us to be a joyful, accepting and forgiving community.


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