Ministries & Organizations

In 2009, Holy Spirit started a garden on the grounds behind the Annex. This garden has grown and is a blessing to many people in many ways.

  • The garden produces fresh herbs and vegetables for the HandS pantry for distribution to those in need.
  • When crops are bountiful, the vegetables are harvested and available for parishioners. A good will offering is accepted for the fresh produce. HandaS can then use the proceeds when financial assistance is needed.
  • Additional produce is distributed to St. Louis food pantries.
  • There is a wonderful sense of community and sharing as parishioners are “playing in the dirt” together. Everyone is invited to participate in some way, no experience necessary, to help plant the vegetables, water, weed, or harvest the blessings from the land.
  • This Garden of Feeden gives glory to God by helping those in need while at the same time “Keeping Green!”


Charlie Milligan                          

Tim & Pat Finnell               

Clare Duffy                                     

Jim Carter