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The Spirited Seniors is a social group for all parishioners (singles, widowed, divorced and married), who are over the age of 45.  The group gets together monthly for a wide variety of social activities.  You are invited to participate in just one or all of the functions.  Other than one planning meeting per year, there are NO meetings and NO dues… just fun and friendship!


Bob Schwent     
(636) 379-9160

2019 "Spirited Seniors" Activities

  January 19 -- Card Bingo, Parish Hall, 7 PM -- Larry Alles, 314-291-5948

February 28 -- Banjo Club/Dinner, Meet at the Annex at 5:30 PM -- Jerry Frein, 314-739-6239

March 24 -- Mass at 9 AM followed by breakfast -- Gene/Jane Naumann, 314-739-2226

April 10 -- Sheldon Coffee Concert, The Gaslight Square, Lunch at Pietro's
Meet at the Annex at 8:15 AM -- Bob Schwent, 636-379-9160

May (TBD) -- Visit the Hill and dine at a local resaturant -- Judy Alles, 314-291-5948

June (TBD) -- Montelle Winery/Dinner -- Schwents, 636-379-9160

July (TBD) -- Visit the revitalized Arch, museum & grounds & dine at a local resaturant
Jim O'Gorman, 314-291-3579

August (TBD,) -- Visit the Shrine of the Black Madonna and dine at a local restaurant

September (TBD) -- Visit Soldier's Memorial and dine at a local restaurant
Barringhause's, 314-576-4153

October (TBD,) -- Visit Herman Wineries and dine
We need a chairperson

November (TBD,) -- Main Street Brewing Co, Belleville, a few drinks & dining
Tom Arri, 636-387-6168

December (TBD,) -- Our Lady of the Snows Dinner & Light Display
Tom Arri, 636-387-6168


We always welcome new people, and all who want to join us just for the fun of it. We are always ready to welcome new faces! We would love to have you join us.

For more information call  Jim (314) 291-3579 or Bob (636) 379-9160



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